23 nice things to do for your husband



I posted this on Facebook yesterday and a friend wrote in the comments

 “I want to know what to do for husbands? Or is that too easy?”


At the time I thought – whatever love. I want a love letter and a massage.

But it is great to do new things. So as a part of my word for the year – ALIVE, I thought I would go on the hunt for some tips on nice things to do for your husband. It also to answers the comment from my friend.


  1. Come home with his favourite dessert from his favourite restaurant.
  2. write him love letters
  3. Thank him for everything he does for you.
  4. Ask HIM on a date & plan something fun to do together.
  5. Call unexpectedly just to tell him you love him.
  6. Tell him how much you appreciate him & his hard work.
  7. Make a lunch for him so it’s ready when he goes to work.
  8. Wear perfume.
  9. Tell him he looks extra handsome.
  10. Let him enjoy his hobby guilt-free.
  11. Play songs you both love.
  12. Compliment him in front of the kids.
  13. Compliment him in front of his friends.
  14. Kiss him when he walks in the door.
  15. Let the kids eat in front of the TV one night and have a nice, adults only dinner.
  16. Let him make the call on parenting decisions.
  17. Choose your birthday suit over the pretty nightgown.
  18. Offer a massage.
  19. Meet him at the door so that you can greet him before the children.
  20. Tell him how proud he makes you.
  21. Hold his hand when he least expects it.
  22. Sit on his lap.
  23. Encourage him to do something with his friends.

One Comment on “23 nice things to do for your husband

  1. I’d like some men to comment on the list. I agree with many of them, but what do husbands think?

    The things that make me feel loved are choosing to spend time with me, being grateful for what I do, laughing together. Theatre together gets the thumbs up too, but I don’t mind who organises it.

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