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This has taken a lot of thought, and honestly I wasn’t even going to bother to write an About Me page. But, I have educated myself more on blogging, and apparently my readers want to know me, and want to know what they are going to get from blessing my writing with their precious time.

You see, I have been reading and researching a lot about how to write a blog, find my voice,  my niche,  more followers, blah, blah, blah. They all tell me to have an email list (I DESPISE EMAILS, if I receive email, I delete it. So I am not going to annoy the crap out of people with emails and you won’t find anywhere on my blog to register your email). Another way of apparently sucking in people is to do give-aways. I mean, honestly, give what away! I am a newbie blogger  with 106 followers, I don’t have the clout for companies with cool products to be throwing products at me to give to my fabulous readers. I am almost POSITIVE no one in their sane minds wants another blog with free PDF downloads of five ways to … So no giveaways here. Now the niche concept has melted my brain. Because apparently I need a very defined and focused niche to be able to get 1000000 followers.  Well I have lots of stuff I want to talk about and share so…maybe I won’t be niche enough for 1000000 followers. But if you’re reading this would be grateful if you would follow. (Details at the bottom of the page hahahaha, I have learnt something sneaky. Make your readers keep reading until the end.

I stumbled on this really cool chick and her blog – the middle finger project (I LOVE HER),  and this is what she advises:

Therefore, I urge you to be steel-beam-strong. To find nerve in your words, rather than gutlessness. To use words to put a totem pole in the ground of your brand, and in the land of our ideas, and not be too much of a pussy to have an opinion.

Better to be a mouse with a backbone, rather than a lion with no spine.

This is the sort of motivation, and ideas that you will find on my blog. I love this stuff and will post it all over my blog.

So what are you going to get? Well my stories, experiences, musings and conversations are of a bold, messy and honest kind.

ME love: me telling you if I have loved the hell out of: movies, books, magazines, experiences, or products.

ME knows: not always my knowledge, because I am still learning, but usually cool, quotes, or passages from people who know what they are talking about things, that I am learning, mostly to do with: writing, blogging, social media.

ME chats: conversations about issues, that either inspire me, I am passionate about, experiences I have had, my opinion.

ME people: about people that I encounter and how they have affected me in a happy, angry, sad, or inspired way.

ME sister tribe: this is about any women that I find interesting, inspiring, or that I feel their story needs to be told.

So, about me. Well the absolute basics: I’m a chick that was born in autumn the last year of the seventies, I am a wife to the guy I met at seventeen and mumma to two boys. I have a great family, awesome friends that I absolutely love to share a meal, wine or coffee and conversation with.  I love to read, I love bending myself into pretzel shapes with my yoga practice. Sand between my toes is my happy place. I have a soul-deep longing to travel and see different cultures. I love to celebrate people and their achievements, I LOVE stories. I have a tattoo a big one and it hurt. I have had a c-section and vaginal birth (in that order). I breastfed and used cloth nappies. I embrace alternative education, I am passionate about learning and I am studying professional writing and publishing.  I’ve been able to help add to my husband’s income by doing a job I’m good at, a job that always paid well and that I have always worked my hardest at.

However, I never gave any thought to, or was made aware of the fact I could pursue a career based on Meraki: this is a gorgeous Greek word that is hard to translate, because the beauty and soul of the word get lost in translation. The broad meaning is:

(v) to do something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

This word and its broad meaning melts my heart.

Writing in a style that I am comfortable with is me being fearlessly authentic. On some days when I am about to press the blue publish button, my heart races and I wonder if I am exposing far too much of myself. But I push that blue button every time cause this is my blog and I am writing honestly from my heart or my gut (depending on the day). It’s actually scary to start this journey, (which I started on my own, and didn’t have the guts to tell anyone about.) To be and own all that I am, without apology (well I want to apologise sometimes or tell people to f$%k off, but hold my tongue), without excuses, (YES. Now that I have unleashed this part of me, I can’t go back, I would be only making excuses to myself. The people that may have a problem with the style of writing, or me doing this, can also f#@k off) and without any mask to cover the truth of who you truly are (I must say I like this one, I have found it confronting, and at times a massive hit to my self-esteem, explaining to people that this writing and this creativity has always been in me.  Some think I am losing my mind or maybe a mid-life crisis).

My aim is to be Unfuckablewith: When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself nothing anyone says or does bother you, and no negativity can touch you.

I hope that you have found value in using your time to read about me. So please enjoy my blog as I continue to write. Follow me on WordPress, Facebook or Instagram .

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