6 days of School holidays left

Today I let them free-range.  Yep like the chooks, free-range. See we have all had enough of each other, (13.5 year old yelled at 10.5 year old for coughing, too early in the morning. 10.5 year old told 13.5 year old he is a midget – 10.5 year old as tall as 13.5 year old) they have had enough of me, (cause I don’t let them eat copious amounts of sugar and have limits on screen time) I have had enough of them and we have all had enough of school holidays.


I mean for the love of God, 7 and a bit weeks is enough.


Although my little darlings would never admit it, I think they also miss the routine of school and after school activities. So today they played on the play station, they played cricket, went next door and visited their surrogate brother (the neighbours kid who is like a brother), played more play station. Because they had asked me 333,800 times over the school holidays what they could do and lamented about how bored they were. They pecked their way through the home baked, gluten free goods, fruit and sandwiches; I let them because if I was asked for the 563,700th time what was to eat, I was going to go insane. While they turned completely feral yelling at each other in the yard, while they threatened each other with cricket bats and farting in each other’s faces, threw insults and cricket balls at each other, while they wrestled on the ground with each other.


I closed the windows in my office, closed my eyes, shoved ear buds in my ears, turned up my iPod and did 30 minutes of power yoga.  


2016-01-21 08.21.23


I have spent the last 48 days being the mother that monitored what they were doing and where they were every single moment, and there has been beautiful moments on these holidays (holidaying at the beach, surfing, hanging out with friends, sitting in front of the TV watching cricket, outside playing cricket in the sun, allocated amount of screen time). With 6 days to go, I let them roam free. I let them fight and sort out their own battles, I let them decide what to eat and when.  No doubt this time next week, when they are both back at school, that evil bitch Mothers guilt will make me feel bad for today and my less then stella mothering. But I think we all learnt some lessons today and we survived. Let’s see how the next 6 days go.


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    • WOW. I have never seen snow. We live in an area in Australia where we complain if our winter days drop down to single digits. Wishing no more snow flakes for you.

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