Love my tribe

I love my little tribe hard.

For this newbie blogger, it was a good week on the blog with lots of traffic, lots of people liking, following and commenting. Thank you to everyone that has liked the ME Facebook page and the @medswardsblog on Instagram. THANK YOU. This week I wrote a review of a very cool magazine called Womankind, and the gorgeous people over at Womankind shared my review on their Facebook page, (SOOO exciting) especially seen as they have 35000 likes. My post has had about 120 likes and 12 shares.

For the next two weeks I will continue to share my stories and experiences, BUT we are on holidays. ME will take on a travel blog look and I CAN NOT wait. There will be lots of sand, surf, yoga, Byron Bay, and Northern New South Wales. In all the lovin’ this week on the Facebook page and Insty account, I did notice some overseas people joining my “tribe”, so it will be fun to show an Aussie Christmas and summer. This is a short and sweet blog and my inention for this one was to say THANKS. (you all know how nervous, I was when I started this journey you can read about it here or here or here) xx

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