Welcome to summer, how exciting. Love, love the heat, the light, getting out and about with family and friends, pretty dresses and living in thongs. My favourite season.

I wasn’t going to keep blogging everyday after finishing the 30 day challenge on 30th November. But I missed the writing, and I also missed the feeling of being observant and taking notice of my day, so that I could find a sparkly, little gem in my day to chat about on the blog.

This little gem is from a couple of days ago and I can’t stop thinking about the conversation.

I was listening to the tail end of a conversation between, two elderly couples having a chat. They were probably late 70’s early 80’s, and they had just met in the waiting room of the Dr’s surgery. The two men both had on impeccably ironed button up shirts, and long pants with the crease down the front that looked like it would cut off your finger. The ladies were dressed in similar dresses, in shoes with a low heel, simple but classy jewellery, and hair stylishly cut for their age.

I was working (actually on hold on the phone) so didn’t hear all other conversation (gessh I sound like a busy body, stalker).

The two old men where talking about the “young people” these days.  Old man one was referring specifically to his son and that the son had just purchased a brand new house that was a fortune and that the wife looked after the money and old man one didn’t think that it was a good purchase. The men then started reminiscing about when they were young, old man two said when he went and purchased his first house the bank only went off the males wage and the wife’s name wasn’t even on the loan documents. Wife one, said that when she was engaged her boss found out and asked her the date of the wedding because he would have to organise another staff member to take her place (I was thinking it was because she was going on holidays, NO it was because she wasn’t allowed to work for the company once she was married.)

They continued to talk about the fact that in their day, they would get paid in an envelope with cash in it and the husband would look after all the money and give the wife her “grocery money” at the end of the week.  Wife one talked about how she loved grocery day, and she would also have a budget and savings for all birthdays and Christmas presents, because these events are not a surprise.  Wife two got all excited and she said the same and that she still stuck by the budget. Wife one said that as well as the new house the son just moved in to, they had just got back from taking the kids overseas.  Wife two was mortified and told wife one that,  her and her husband didn’t take an overseas holiday until the kids had moved out of home, and that when the kids were little they would save the whole year to take the family on a beach camping trip once a year.  Wife one totally agreed and said they also did the same thing with their family, and she worried about young ones, these days because of the amount of credit cards everyone has available to them. Both couples agreed that the younger generation these days has no respect for money and just continue to spend and spend and then have to keep working to pay off debt, and that if interest rates went back to the 17% that they paid, the world would collapse.  This then led into the conversation of women should be staying home to look after the kids and not having to use expensive child care. That life these days is such a viscous cycle of both parents working, lots of debt and people trying to out do each other in big houses, new cars, and overseas holidays.


It was fascinating listening to old couple one and two, and in some ways I totally agreed with them.

I have read Dave Ramseys books Financial Peace revisited and Total Money Makeover. These books were exactly what old couple one and two were talking about in regards to budgeting and not using credit cards.  Eavesdropping on this conversation was a fabulous reminder to me at this time of year to review our budget.

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