In my ready set blog course, I am learning all about audience. I am supposed to think about what my audience looks like and who I am writing for.

I jumped on Google and researched this bit more, because it may sound selfish but at the moment in this 30 day blog challenge I am writing for me. I am practising my writing by telling stories about what I have experienced that day.

What I discovered on Google was that to become a professional blogger, you need a specific audience, so that people know what they are going to get from your writing. So that based on your stats if a brand does notice you then they know what style, and what audience you can attract to their advantage.

I am a diverse kinda chick, I have a lot of likes and a brand may run the other way when they see my blog.


I mean I would live in Jeans if I could, but I also love to get dressed up.



I love Haviannas, but would rip those things off for a red soled pair of Louboutin’s in a heartbeat.

I go camping and have a ball, but give me a 5 star hotel apartment and I guarantee you I will make the most of it.

Love books also love kindle

Will drink beer, as well as champagne.



BBQ is just as fantastic as restaurant .

Would like to see more of Australia but dream of experiencing different cultures.

I go to watch live cricket but also go the theatre.

I could market yoga wear as well as I could market a pair of walking shoes.

Crank up AC/DC as loud as I listen to Pink.

Will talk C/Section and VBAC.

I will give you a detailed assessment of alternative education, but I will also talk your ear off about Catholic High school education.

If I was asked I would test drive and blog about the new Range Rover Sport or I could give you a review on the 1975 Valiant.

I think for the next 6 days I will just continue to write for me and see where that takes me in regards to audience.

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