Throughout history mothers have been depicted in art, paintings, sculptures, and written text, helping define the cultural meaning of “mother”, ideals, and taboos of motherhood. The majority of these works were created by men often focused on the institution of motherhood, the purity of the gentle sacred mother or portrayed as the distasteful reality of mothering; rather than the diverse, complex lived experience.

As a woman photographer with lived experience as a mother the focus in my photos is the day-to-day honesty, realities and relationship of mother and child, the woman not just the mother, her love, her story, her body, her relationship with herself. Motherhood art is an intimate, vulnerable, and political art form with layers and depths to be recognized.

Motherhood photo session.

Page 64 from my book Remember – words for the beautiful mess that is motherhood:

You are not a perfect mother, no one is, you are the mother your children need.

My mother photo sessions are a study of your present moment and an experience of acknowledging all you are creating in life, motherhood, and the countless other facets that create you.

Mother sessions:

Are an experience of documenting the most important presence in your child’s life.


You are their first home, you are who they return to no matter what, time changes and nothing stays the same, the photos show a tiny fraction of the life you are creating, and the images make an incredible impact when you view them as the work of art you are.

The sessions are in your home, we chat and swap stories, I love a cuppa tea or coffee, there is no “set” time we just hang out and I take photos when I see the opportunity where you are comfortable and relaxed. I wrap it up and leave when the creative energy starts to drop – there is a definite tipping point and because these sessions are for you, to see you. I will not continue once you are out of the comfortable and relaxed energy.

I offer these sessions because women’s stories matter, we are all so incredibly connected; the intricate details of our stories will be different, but the subject is generally the same. To be able to document women and their stories, to offer time and an experience for women and show them the work of art they are, is an honour.

I am offering mother sessions for the price of $350 until the 17th May.


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