What was the problem you saw in the world that you realized you had the power to solve?

I created a virtual assistant business; in the sessions, it  became obvious that the women were coming to the session knowing they needed help and thought they needed admin help. Connecting on Zoom and starting conversations around their business, they came looking for someone to do their admin tasks, however, were looking for someone to talk to, to brainstorm with and to gain clarity in their business, they wanted someone to talk to without judgement, negative comments or stories attached to where they should be in business. They came into the sessions thinking they would hand off their to-do list and feel empowered at seeing a completed to do list. But, left the sessions with clarity in where they are in their business, what their why is, and where they are going. Their to-do list was completely different than a couple of hours before.

The sessions I was having were not me completing admin tasks, the sessions were me in conversation with women about their business, values, pricing, offers, marketing, their fears, frustrations and overwhelm. All of these are a reflection of the woman. My brainstorming to clarity sessions are about business AND the business; is the woman who is creating it. The women leave the zoom call moving towards knowing who she is in her business. The results she produces herself in her business are a reflection of the clarity she has remembered in conversation with me.

celebate and support women
How does your past help your audience’s present?

I have in the last 4 years spent on average $6000 per year on education, workshops, masterclass, courses, mentoring, coaching, books, and countless free TED talks and YouTube videos – that’s a degree (time and money) on everything from business, marketing, photography, creativity, and personal development. I was looking for someone else to answer my questions and tell me exactly what I need to do to make my business successful. I wanted all the above to give me the magical answer to making lots of money. I learnt skills, strategy, knowledge from everything I have studied. But of course, trying to seek answers outside of myself on exactly how I should be in my business, my values, standards and who I am as a businesswoman did not work.

I was in a study group and early on in a course I was doing, the teacher said “you need to find clarity”. She didn’t elaborate on how to find clarity, or what we needed to do to gain clarity in our business. I journalled about it that night, but all that I wrote was surface level. Make money taking photos. There was no depth, no vision, no clarity. I was naïve at the time; I was of the mindset that everything was about the business. BUT the business is me – the clarity, is about me knowing who I am as a businesswoman, and what the purpose is in my business, what value I offer my clients, what brings me joy and purpose in what I am creating.

I have created my business because I have not been able to find this exact thing. I have spent thousands education, coaching and mentoring and have had no one hold the space, conversations, pushed me on going deeper in questions or supported me in understanding clarity and accountability. I have created what I need – and my first client was me.

 How does your journey or experience benefit your audience?

I pivoted quickly and refined my offers, I devoted to finding my own clarity and I started filling my own cup and sinking deep into my values, standards and what is important to me. I recognised the connection and reflection in my business. I spent time refining and stripping back the things that no longer served me through experimentation, curiosity, and creativity. Reading and studying women’s stories throughout history and how and where women spend money, the impact women make when they create successful business, for themselves and their family, the community around them and their clients. Studying clarity and accountability and how when there is a clear vision women will do whatever it takes to bring that vision to life. It is the strength and clarity of the vision that determines how much money, time, and effort we commit to making our goals reality.

 What is a conflict you had that led you to start your business.

I felt lost in business, I “started” a photography business, I painfully, with force, fear and a fixed mindset tried to make that work. When I finally realised that; in fact, I did not want to take photos of clients to make my whole income – it felt like a relief. I love taking photos but not full-time in my business. I started my VA business because I have been in admin for 25 years and I love the role of supporting a specialist in their field. However, the most impact I make and the most value is in my sessions; being in conversation with women around clarity and accountability. The women I was in conversation with were lost, overwhelmed, and stuck. Women are amazing when they know what needs to be done and why, when they have a clear vision and focus, they know how to find the resources they need, time is prioritised, money is budgeted, and women know how to find a community when they need it. And it is no different in business when we know what needs to be done, we do it.

How does the end resolution benefit your audience?

By me pivoting and refining my business and doing the work to gain clarity in my own business and making the most of my skills, knowledge, and wisdom; women benefit from being in my session because, when women have clarity and accountability in their business, women bloom when they know their purpose. When we are clear there is meaning and mindfulness to every choice and decision and brings movement towards goals with focus, leading to success – however that is defined. Women creating, moving, successful in their business and all they create are an example for other women, the work they do, the money they make has an impact and ripple effect on themselves, their family, the community around them.

What key takeaway can you teach your audience to do?

Continually pay attention, to spend time dreaming, refining, and taking action steps towards your goals, be curious with your results, and if your body is not full of joy and excitement then have a look at what you are doing and why. What is the distraction? what is your mindset? Ask yourself questions to gain clarity and move forward from there. Understand, the more clarity you have the easier choices will be in your business. The more clarity you have the more you are taking responsibility for your life. To be kind to yourself while asking yourself questions in what your purpose is and why. Get support when needed.

Does your experience put your audience on the fast-track to having or doing something?

Yes, being in conversation with me around clarity and accountability moves you forward in your goals and success because; the clearer you are then the choices and decisions you make each day in your business are easier and quicker because you know where you are going, what you are creating and why.

 How can your audience see themselves or their desires in your story?

Most people are not clear in where they are going, what they want and why, I did not have clarity for a long time AND it is a living thing, and I am always working on it. I was making things up as I went, I was reactive and was always comparing myself. Moving towards clarity and knowing what I want and what is best for me, and my business has given me a foundation to work from, I know what I am working towards, I know what I need to do each day in my business that is sustainable for me, that is of value to my clients.

 Why have you put your service or product out into the world?

I want choice in my life, I want to choose everything to do with my life. I want options, experience, and opportunity. I want to determine my success and what that means for me. Being aware and awake to the choices we make is how we create our life. Women making choices in their precious life energizes them and every woman around them.
Women give up on their business from burn out, and not making choices aligned with their heart and soul, from not knowing in depth why they are doing what they are doing, having no confidence and not feeling aligned in mind, body and soul with the business they are creating.

 How does your client or customer’s world improve by buying or working with you? What’s in it for them?

What’s in it for them is the results they create for themselves; my business is not a program or a course there is no work sheets. This is deep women’s conversation. The session is conversation focusing on the client. Business is reflection of the woman who created it, my job in the relationship is to listen deeply and ask questions for transformation, to inspire curiosity and creativity, moving towards remembering and recognizing strengths, comfort zones and be a reflection back to client what she is bringing to the space. The brainstorming to clarity sessions are who the woman wants to BE in her business.

What value can you deliver that no one else can?

I am me; I am the one that has studied and educated myself on a wide range of subjects, I offer these sessions deep with my wisdom, knowledge and energy. The joy and passion for me to have women have clarity and accountability in their life and to build their business from that space in a way that is sustainable and profitable for them.  When women have a clear vision on where they are going, why they are creating their business, women focus their attention on reaching their goals, they are resourceful, they know how to gather a community, and finance. When women are clear and passionate about what and why they have conversations that flow, networks are built, and the message of their business is shared with ease when they are clear.

 How does your purpose and mission drive that value?

Women taking personal responsibility for themselves, and their business change the lives of the people around them. When women are clear in what they offer there is a ripple effect in the example she is setting to others and building confidence, self-trust in herself. My mission in business is to be in conversation with as many women as possible and be with them in brainstorming to clarity.



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