100 women project.

100 women project.

The 100 women project is an extension of a project that I completed 3 years ago. I reached out to women for their stories. I created a relaxed, safe space for them to share their story. What resulted was shared sacred women’s stories of wisdom, strength, adversity, growth, love, creativity, cultural change. The 100 women project will extend the story telling to now include photography.

The photos will be of women from all stages of womanhood. The photos will be documentary/portrait, the photo can be anonymous, however all of my photo sessions are a safe sacred space for you and you can push your own boundaries with total confidence in me. During the photo session I will ask for one story. One story of yours that has always wanted to be told, a story that makes you so proud, a story that has healed, a story that has been life changing, a birth story, a marriage story, a career story, a story that has threaded through your life. A story you want another woman to know.

I am so excited to see who volunteers themselves. I want women to come to me with joy, excitement, nervousness, bravery and your beautiful self to be part of this project and join this community of women. We are in this experience together. We are in this together to learn and hear each other’s story, which adds to my story, which adds to your story. We are doing this to stretch our comfort zones and boundaries. We are creating this art work together.

The photo and story will be shared on my website and my Instagram. You will receive 3 downloadable photos to keep. The photo session is totally free.

Why am I doing this? I love women’s stories, I love women’s community and it’s so important for women’s wisdom, knowledge and experience to be shared in this world.

Please do go and have a read of the wonderful women that I had the honor of creating with here.

You can contact me on the form below. You can DM on Instagram or email me on meled79@gmail.com or comment on my Instagram post.