My name is Melinda and I am so glad you are here, welcome.

I am a photographer of women’s stories, in all stages 18-100. I take photos because, I want to capture this moment in time. I take photos because I am fascinated and curious about connection, relationships, emotions, details, process, women and hearing stories. I love to celebrate women and their achievements.

Your photo session with me is about you. I want you to be in the frame. I want to tell your story. Your story is so important, there is someone in the world that needs to hear it. I want you to have the photos, the memories, to celebrate your existence and see your life at this time. I want to celebrate you and your story please join me in a photo session, book in the calender below or use the contact form to have a chat with me.

Melinda sees with beautiful eyes.

I come into the session feeling weak and vulnerable and left feeling strong, empowered and important.

Photo Session

Say a big excited YES to the photo session capture the memories for yourself. $100 today and the balance 7 days before.



I love, love to work with artists and creatives if you have a project that we can collaborate on send me an email Let’s create.

Local business. I would love to support you in your branding. Contact me on my email so we can support and create strong local business together.