My name is Melinda and I am so glad you are here, welcome.

I am a photographer, a visual storyteller of women’s stories. I take photos because, I want to capture this moment in time. I take photos because I am fascinated and curious about connection, relationships, emotions, details, process, women and hearing stories. I love to celebrate women and their achievements.

The Unfolding woman photo session is about you. I chose the word Unfolding because it also means revealing, expanding, clarifying, evolving, growing, progressing, unwrapping. Wow what awesome words, as women we are constantly doing all of these things. It’s certainly a process, consciousness and vulnerability. The photo session can be maternity, motherhood, portraits of self connection. You are important, your image in a photo is important, not just the physical but your overall energy at this stage in your life. Give this gift to yourself as a way to acknowledge your existence as a woman, your wisdom and knowledge. Celebrate you and your story, your triumphs and hardships.

Please join me in a photo session, book in the calendar below or use the contact form to have a chat with me.

Melinda sees with beautiful eyes.

I come into the session feeling weak and vulnerable and left feeling strong, empowered and important.

Photo Session

Say a big excited YES to the photo session capture the memories for yourself. $100 today and the balance 7 days before.



I love, love to work with artists and creatives if you have a project that we can collaborate on send me an email Let’s create.

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